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Building History

Building History

Rich with local history, the big house on the corner of Third and Broadway has endured since 1915. Erick Erickson, owner of the former Alexandria Boat Works, built this stately home directly across the street from his boat factory. He and his family lived there until 1921. You can still see the foundation stones that were collected from Lake Ida where Erick had a cottage on Bedman's Beach. The original, robust woodwork came from oak trees milled in Fergus Falls.

In 1921 John Olson, a widower with six children, acquired the house and named it Hotel Francis after his eldest daughter. The downtown hotel was conveniently located near the depot and became a popular spot for salesmen who traveled by train. In the early years, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce building was a small structure right in the middle of Broadway; so with entrepreneurial spirit, John opened a small gas station in his front yard to capture the tourist trade. The Olson family owned the house until 1973 when they sold it to Florence Richards.

Florence ran a beauty shop, rented out rooms, and leased the front yard to the Alexandria Monument Works where grave stones were on display. In 1977 Florence sold the house to a group of young realtors who opened Property 2, the first of two real estate companies that would occupy the big house. In 1994 a new, energetic group of real estate professionals purchased the red brick house on the corner. Counselor Realty Inc. of Alexandria moved in and once again established a thriving business!

Building History
From our house to yours, thank you for more than 30 years of confidence and trust!

The history of our building is just one of the reasons that Counselor Realty stands out in the Alexandria Lakes Area. Within these brick walls are broker-owners who set themselves apart from their competitors by applying a partnership concept. Each broker co-owns the business, sharing in the expenses and management, and achieves the highest level of real estate education to obtain their broker's license. This concept has resulted in committed, knowledgeable, ethical real estate agents.

At Counselor Realty, Inc. of Alexandria you not only work with your own agent; you also gain the advantage of our entire brokerage team to deliver a successful transaction. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction. To date we have transacted over $60,000,000 in real estate sales, including lakeshore, residential, and commercial properties. We have proven that our concept works! When you are ready to buy or sell real estate in the Alexandria Lakes Area, be sure to contact the market leaders at the corner of Third and Broadway in the big house that has been standing strong for over 100 years!